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Why Wear our wedding gown?

With Fleur D’sign wide selection that suits every style, we offer the best services in Singapore when it comes to transforming you into the bride of your dreams! Whether its White wedding dress accessories or the best wedding gown rental in Singapore, we have it all!

First is our attention to detail approach. We take some time to get to know the bride-to-be and her expectations for the wedding dress and then our stylist picks the best available gowns that match the bride’s personality and expectations.
Second is the amazing range of bridal wedding dresses available in our boutique. From romantic evening gowns and mermaid gown dresses to open-back gowns and chic sheath dresses, we have every style to offer, to make you look like a princess at your wedding.


Try Out The Best Wedding Gown Rental Service In Singapore

Our very own in-house designer allows us to cater to the stylistic preferences of each of our brides. The designers work hard to create a bridal look that reflects the bride perfectly. For those with a tight budget, we also offer bridal gown rental services with a breathtaking selection of gowns and accessories.
All of our bridal dresses are made with exceptional materials because at Fleur D’sign we emphasize quality over everything else.

Our Wedding dress and wedding gown are designed by the hands of our in-house designer

Contemporary Bridal Gown Collection

At the center of a perfect bridal look is a gown that is perfect for the bride. If you are looking for the gown that matches your style and vision, then feel free to check out our beautiful collection and we will find you the best Singaporean & elegant wedding dress for you at an affordable price.

Fleur Dsign is one of the best bridal boutiques in Singapore where you can explore a breathtaking range of traditional and trendy wedding gowns. Not just do we have a wide range of wedding gowns and bridal dresses in our boutique but we also have bridal stylists to help you out in narrowing down the best picks according to your personality and preference. 

Wedding Gown Tailoring Service

You can have your wedding dresses created just to fit your style and persona with our tailoring services. We specialize in creating bride’s wedding dresses in various designs, hues, and innovative fabrics. We create them using cutting-edge materials, extraordinary care, and wisdom. Every wedding requires a dress, so we make sure yours is stunning. We provide a lovely finishing touch to your wedding gown that will fit your style, make you feel good about yourself, and make you proud. We can assist you in creating a style for the wedding of your dreams because we have skilled bespoke designers for wedding gowns.

Wedding gowns

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