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Are you on the search for the best wedding florist and Bridal Studio in Singapore. If the answer is yes then you should definitely give Fleur D’sign a try. Reason? We have everything to offer to fulfill your floral needs for the wedding. From a splendid collection of bridal flower bouquet to a full variety of fresh flower corsages, we have custom floral products to bring a sense of serenity to your wedding.

We specialize in creating custom floral accessories such as bouquets and corsages exclusively for each bride! Every woman deserves her special day to be filled with special flowers. This includes not just the venue or Church, but also her car as well should be layered with a garden of flowers. Our work with flowers will leave you and every aspect of your wedding looking breathless!


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Freshness To Your Wedding With Flower Bouquets & Corsages

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Flowers fill your heart with happiness and there’s no better time to have vibrant flowers around than your wedding day. Make your wedding a special one with Fleur Dsign’s bespoke flower bouquets, corsages, and car decoration service.


Why Choose Our Flower Wedding Decoration?

Bespoke Flower Decoration

Planning floral decorations for weddings isn’t easy at all. There are countless colors and flowers available that you need to pick and choose to match your wedding theme. Whether it’s about buying fresh flower wedding corsages and bridal bouquets or getting your wedding car decorated with flowers, you can hire our bespoke floral services to get the flower arrangement done just according to your way.

Cost-effective flower decorations

Fleur d’ sign provides floral décor at affordable prices and with expertise. We hope that all of these flowers offer you joy on your wedding day. We work hard to give you the most value possible for your money. To make your wedding day even more unforgettable. Make an appointment right away to plan a wonderful wedding celebration.

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