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Looking for the best flower decorator in Singapore for church wedding decoration? If yes then Fleur Dsign which is best bridal studio in Singapore, has to be on your consideration list. Being in the wedding decoration business for 30 years, Fleur Dsign knows how to decorate a wedding with flowers, to create the perfect feel.It is our pleasure to be part of your wedding day.

We believe that your wedding should look as beautiful as you. That is why our professionals will transform the location of your special day into a floral paradise
Whether it’s a Church or a venue, we will make sure that your guests are as mesmerized by the decoration as they will be by you

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wedding decoration

Fleur Dsign Make Your Fairytale Wedding Dream Come True

Fairytale wedding
wedding decoration

Having a beautifully decorated church, wearing your favorite wedding gown, and being with the love of your life while all your loved ones are around is pretty much all that makes a dream wedding. With Fleur Dsign, make a dream start to your new life.

Why Choose Our Wedding Decoration?

Custom Floral Decorations For Every Wedding

Floral decoration adds elegance to your church wedding and you don’t want to have your wedding without them. Fleur Dsign offers custom wedding floral decoration services to those couples who really want to have a dream wedding. Our decoration team will take your suggestions regarding flower preference and bring your vision to real life.

Prices That Everyone Can Afford

Usually, church flower decorations for weddings cost a lot but that’s not the case with Fleur Dsign. We understand that couples do have budget limitations and that’s why our floral decoration service is quite affordable compared to other church wedding decoration services in Singapore. While our service is cheap, it still offers full value for your money.
We have never designed the same wedding twice
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