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Wedding Decorations Singapore

Bridal Decorations and Wedding Florist

We provide Bridal Bouquet and Wedding Florist services to double the beauty & the experience

Wedding Decorations Singapore

We love that we get to be present in more than just one part of your wedding day or event. Whether you selecting the style of your wedding dress of your dreams from our gown collection, or we transform buckets of flowers into a breathtaking custom design for you, we always have just one goal: to give you an unparalleled experience.

We are a full-service wedding florist which is our wedding decorations specialty. We create wedding florals for solemnization, Church, Banquet or intimate ceremonies. We’ve been in business 30 years and excel at crafting even the smallest of floral details for your event.

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GUIDANCE about wedding Decor

We meet for in person inspiration

Goodbye, overwhelm!

To give you the best wedding decorations Singapore services, we guide you through both the overarching

feeling and smallest details of your day. We

have a large archive of handpicked portfolio

that love to share. We love to hear exactly what

you’re dreaming of.

Your Vision Turns Into A Unique Wedding Decorations Idea

We craft a custom wedding decoration proposal for you

We create a complete vision about what exactly you want and we write a very detailed decorations proposal for you to make sure everything from the colour of your floral wrap, to the timing of your delivery is spot on. Our proposal pulls together inspiration images and logistical notes so that every arrangement and bouquet is just as you envision. We provide quality bridal decoration services in Singapore.

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Our Wedding Decorations Services

Affordable and Unique Wedding Decorations Each Time

We have never designed the same wedding florals twice! Our process helps us understand your unique style and translate it to premium, bespoke arrangements and details for your wedding day. From our first email or phone call with you to realize your vision, our process is light and fun. We can’t wait to hear what you’re dreaming of for your wedding flowers and decorations! We are dealing with happy clients for more than 30 years in the game.

Wedding Decoration

We sit down with every couple to create something custom

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